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General Scoring Rubrics

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General Team Materials, Scoring Rubrics and Checklists


This page will be used to house general team materials, including scoring rubrics that can be used to score student assignments in science class.



Problem Attic - Question Generator



One of the challenges that we often have is generating pretests and retests for all of the units that we are responsible for teaching.  Simply generating enough unique questions can be a time consuming challenge.  Problem Attic -- which Kate Kotik discovered -- might be able to help with that.  It offers access to a library of thousands of questions sorted by topic that we can pull from to generate assessments.  



Student Rework Sheet

Student Rework Sheet - This sheet provides a guideline for students to use as they rework questions missed on assessments.  



Checklist - Scientific Models



In science, we often have students working with and/or creating models to demonstrate mastery of content in our curriculum.  This checklist -- which was created by Bill Ferriter -- can be used to score models that students create.  


Written Answer Rubric

Science Written Answer Rubric.docx


This is a rubric that can used to scored written answers.  It was developed in conjunction with the Language Arts teachers, so that terminology would be the same between the two disciplines.  --created by Michael Manholt-- 

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