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MSL Materials

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MSL Materials


This page will house materials that teachers can use to prepare students for the Measures of Student Learning exam. 




Stanly County MSL Prep Materials



6.E.1 - earth_in_the_universe.pdf

6.E.2 - earth_systems_structures_and_processes (1).pdf

6.L.1 - structure_and_function_of_living_organisms.pdf

6.L.2 - ecosystems.pdf

6.P.1 - energy_properties_of_waves.pdf

6.P.2 - matter_properties_and_change.pdf

6.P.3 - energy_conservation_and_transfer.pdf








Tommy Thompson, a sixth grade science teacher in the Stanly County Schools near Albermarle, North Carolina, has created a nice collection of review tests that are broken down by each of the objectives that we are required to teach.  He has also created a series of general tests that mimic the MSLs, covering content from all of the objectives in our curriculum.  Those practice tests are uploaded above.  There is also a link that connects directly to Thompson's website, which has a TON of useful content organized by the units that we study.  




MSL Multiple Choice Practice Tests

Practice Science MSL multiple choice.doc

Practice Science MSL short answer.doc


These practice tests were pulled together by Kate Kotik from the sample questions in the MSL preparation materials released by the State of North Carolina.  They can be used as an initial review for students before the test or as a final summative test for the fourth quarter.


Constructed Response PowerPoint



This PowerPoint presentation was shared by Adrian Philips.  It is designed to introduce students to the steps necessary for successfully completing a constructed response question.



Constructed Response Sample Questions



This handout includes a set of 10 constructed response sample questions that students can use to practice in advance of the MSL test.  It can also serve as a strong study guide for the content in our curriculum.  If students can answer these questions, they are probably well-prepared for the end of grade exam. 



Constructed Response Sample Questions - Maryland



This link connects to a series of constructed response questions used by 8th graders in Maryland.  While the grade level doesn't match with ours, the content does.  There are a number of questions about photosynthesis, food webs, vibrations, and heat energy.  There are also sample student responses from different levels.  These questions can be used for practice before our MSL exams. 




County Level Constructed Response Item Bank



This link connects to the constructed response item bank being created by teachers around the county.  It can be sorted by objective.  It also includes two questions and two sample responses for the questions included.  



Written Answer Rubric 

Writting Rubric.docx


This rubric was developed with the help of the ELA department and in conjunction with what is being used in their classrooms to help prepare for the MSL constructive response questions



Brainpop Video Review Sheet



The County has purchased access to Brainpop for all of our students.  The Brainpop collection has a ton of videos that are connected to our required curriculum.  Mr. Manholt created this sheet that students can use to track the videos that they've watched.  Encouraging students to work through these videos before the EOG test will help them to review content that we've already studied.  


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