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Annotated Bibliography Project

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Annotated Bibliography Project


One of the tasks that seventh grade teachers asked us to make sure that our students are ready to tackle is using Noodle Tools to create citations for research projects.  To introduce these skills to our students, we've decided to ask every child to complete an Annotated Bibliography of at least three science current events.  This page will house materials that can help students to complete this project.




Directions for Using Noodle Tools



This three-page handout includes step-by-step directions for (1). finding current events that have already been bookmarked for students to explore and (2). using Noodle Tools to create their annotated bibliographies.



Sample Annotated Bibliography



This handout includes a sample annotated bibliography for students to explore.  It represents A level work.  Note that each article includes a 3 paragraph annotation that (1). summarizes the article and (2). highlights student thinking about the article.  Also notice that there are connections between the three articles that the student has chosen.  They are not unrelated, stand-alone bits. 



Annotated Bibliography Rubric



This handout includes a rubric that can be used to score the annotated bibliography project.  Note that the key to getting an A is finding three different current events that are connected to the same theme AND accurately explaining how those current events are related to one another. 


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